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Refurbishments & Renovations

Al Nasiya is fully equipped to perform complete refurbishment and renovation services from the floorboards all the way up to the roof which include internal and external surface repairing, skylight renovation, wooden cladding, civil restructuring, MEP replacement, interior decoration, internal walls repainting, interior lobby renovation, ceiling repair, lighting and sound system installation and a lot more related works to renovation.

Over the years, Al Nasiya became a national provider of innovative renovation solutions and serves as a highly trusted partner with government entities across the UAE. Our strong expertise lies on reviving the experience of your property by transforming ordinary into extraordinary with the help of our highly professional staff, engineers and project team.

At Al Nasiya, we combine end-to-end integration of modern technology with highly trained and qualified experts delivering high level of service, professionalism, craftsmanship and expertise to guarantee that all works stay on track and meet deadlines. As much as we value people at the core of our business, health and safety of our workforce is also important for us which means that operational delays will be reduced and overall productivity will be increased.

Since the inception of Al Nasiya, our reach has grown steadily for its commitment to honour and respect the confidentiality of each and every project being handled. Trust is one of the main reasons why people choose us, which contributes to the success of the company today. From general residential interior refurbishment and renovation of commercial buildings, through to more complex interior refurbishment, Al Nasiya promises nothing short of excellence.

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